VRD ♥ Team Austria.

Sisi vs. Conchita Fundraiser Scrimmage

Derby Love ♥ is the theme this time, as it is the theme ** every ** time.

Welcome, welcome, dear fans and lovers of Roller Derby, we have something very special planned for you and we need all the Derby Love we can get from you! As you might have noticed, Austria is sending a team to the World Cup for the very first time in Manchester next year and we’re already planning everything and raising funds to able to get there!! Spread some Austrian Derby Love and have, as always, an awesome time watching Roller Derby!

VRD is letting us host a fundraiser scrimmage – ! MERCI !

This time we have come up with a very Austrian – na no na – theme. Your adored skaters will either be in team Sisi or Conchita, some old-fashioned and some progressive stuff going on here, you see. 😉 YEAH!

So here we go with the details:

PRICES with the option of an additional ♥ donation ♥:

Entry: 5€
Entry+ 5€ donation: 10€
Entry+10€ donation: 15€
Entry+40€ donation: 45€

Get your tickets here from Monday, 10.04.2017, starting at 09:00: https://ntry.at/sisivsconchita

When: Saturday, 22.04.2017
Time: Doors open at 16:00, first whistle at 16:30

During the scrimmage there will be drinks and food where you can give even more love in the form of a free donation. ^_^ Come and enjoy a beautiful afternoon with us!

♥ Yours, Team Austria ♥