A full contact sport requires commitment & self-discipline which is why we strive to be the best athletes and team members we can be. We are continually working on outdoing ourselves in a competitive yet sustainable way. Each of our teams define their level of competitiveness on their own.

We encourage each other to respect our individual physical and mental boundaries and limits. We actively support and acknowledge each other and value every member’s contributions to the league.
We emphasize sustainability in order to prevent people from burning out and finding a balance between sport and private life.

For VRD empowerment means:
=> open up a space that can empower anyone who feels powerless (individuals and/or groups).
=> growing & developing on a personal level.
=> changing/shaping sport politics and hegemonic reality.

VRD is part of a bigger, organic, global roller derby community which has many core values in common. Our community in Vienna consists of skaters, officials (skating and NSOs), volunteers & fans.

We identify as:
=> anti-discriminatory
=> anti-sexist
=> anti-LGBTIQ+-phobic
=> anti-heteronormative
=> anti-racist
=> anti-islamophobic
=> against anti-semitism
=> anti-lookist
=> anti-ableist
=> anti-ageist
=> anti-fatphobic
=> anti-classist
=> anti-capitalist

Everyone who shares our values is welcome within our community.

VRD is striving to be a safe space for people who usually don’t feel safe in the world, especially in sports environments.

Last but not least! Fun is the key in sport and especially in roller derby.

Vienna Roller Derby is a self-organized WFTDA sports league and queer-feminist, anti-discriminatory community dedicated to a full contact sport on quad skates. As a league we are shaping the sport that empowers people to thrive as both humans and athletes within a safe, yet competitive sports environment and beyond.
Mission Statement, October 2019