VRD is a 100% non for profit organisation run by a dedicated community. From organizing our venues over running our social media channels up to taking care of event logistics our members do everything themselves. In order to ensure that people are able to play the sport they love and others are able to have fun watching we always need two things: time & money!


We need you! Especially on our home events we can always use a lot of helping hands selling merch, taking over a bar or entry shift, baking a cake, helping us with technical things like livestream or soundsystem and we are always looking for people to DJ or announce. Of course you get free entry for this kind of support 😋

Message us for more information info@viennarollerderby.org or on instagram.


If you are in the lucky position to be able to donate something please use the button below and may the derby god*desses bless you: