Are you ready for a day full of derby!? In our Irish Triple header we will give you not just 1 game to watch, but 3!! Dublin Roller Derby C-team, Belfast Roller and Vienna Roller Derby A-team will face each other in 3 thrilling bouts that need YOUR cheers and support 😉 Be prepared for an awesome DJ and Announcer set-up as well and mark your calendars, people!

SATURDAY, 20.05.2017

Hakoah: Wehlistraße 326, 1020 Vienna, Austria

FIRST BOUT: 11.30 (Belfast vs. Dublin)
SECOND BOUT: 13:45 (Dublin vs. Vienna)
THIRD BOUT: 16:00 (Belfast vs. Vienna)


PRE-SALE TICKET LINK (start: 08.05.2017, 09:00):

Kids under 12 have free entry (caution bring ear protection!)
Für Kinder unter 12 Jahren ist der Eintritt gratis (bitte Gehörschutz mitbringen)


* Lots of derby action live and direct

* Live announcers!! Denice Bourbon, Gloria Hole, Stefanie Sourial, Sabatage

* Roller Derby Xplainers (watch out for cardboard skates on a stick in the crowd and ask any questions that you have!)

* transform some cash into lovely VRD MERCH goodies from t-shirts, caps to college jackets, braceletts and pins – we got one for everyone

* live DJs!! Candy & Big Ben Basement (Fearleaders) + Therese Terror & Alex Vondoom

* free bout program