Next Rectruing Day: Sept 10 th, 2-4 p.m.

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We invite all women and those who do not identify with the gender binary to join the team’s newbie class as skaters. We also invite people of all genders who are intrested in skatingto join VRD as a ref, and they may attend the newbie class to learn the necessary skating skills. Finally everyone who is interested in Roller derby but does not want to skate is invited to join VRD as a non-skating official (NSO)



You want to skate? Perfect! We have a Newbie class starting once a year. Stay tuned to find out more about our next Recruiting Day or message us at recruiting@viennarollerderby.


Referees and Non-Skating-Officials

Wether male or female you can join Vienna Roller Derby as a Zebra (Skating Referee) or NSO (Non-Skating-Official).

Zebra. You count the points and give penalties. Without you we can’t play! You take care of the game being fair and at the same time you keep the skaters safe. Being a Referee in Roller Derby is challenging in any way. Everything is moving and its moving fast! The Jammer through the pack, the pack itself and well – you! But don’t worry there is no experience needed, you’ll learn how to skate with us! Ready to rock the Zebra print? Message us at

NSO. If you are you looking for some Roller Derby related action but don’t feel that comfortable on skates, then the job as a Non Skating Official is just perfect for you! NSOs are the Zebras right hand and keep track of penalties and scores. You make bouts possible! Interested? Email us at

VRD looking for NSOs