Name and number: Moloko Violet #23

Favourite position: Depends on my energy level and attitude: I strive for the ‚slippery fish‘ jammer or the ‘parasite nightmare’ blocker

How did you pick your Derby Name: The word combination just kind of materialized in my head and I loved the way it sounded – like it could be character from Street Fighter or Mortal Combat. In the book/film A Clockwork Orange, the gang imbibes ‘moloko plus’ (milk with different drugs, for example ‘moloko vellocet’) before going out and committing ultraviolence, which is like a sort of really illegal off-skates rollerderby. I actually started derby with the name ‘Das Übermädchen’, but it quickly became clear that 99% of players and announcers in the U.S. had no idea what to even do with their mouths when saying it. Other aliases of mine: Rian In Blood, Vajammer Dentata, Reggie Twatts & Puke Soxx.

Derby crush (who inspires you and why?): Molly Flogger, Schoolya Childs, Frosty Snowmean, my estranged derby wife Smackson Pollack, Miller Lightnin’,General Sew and a slew of other skaters from my NC league back home are/were stone cold killers on the track AND give me the warm fuzzies. #getbackup The VRD skaters are my new family, and I crush pretty hard on their tenacity, perseverance and after-bout outfits. I sort of hate celebrity-fying other players, but I get a little giddy about Juke Boxx. She has been one of my favorite derby stars, not only for her derby skills, but for the way she and her teammates back at MRG pumped out some serious positive vibes—and because her skating style betrays a Rink Rat past that I can identify with. And, oh yeah, she’s way hot. And I am really, really into Kozmic Bruise’s aggro-Zen style—using footwork and flow to bounce off and around blockers like WHOA!

Favourite bout preparation song: Pre-bout music is crucial for me. I am really into switching between jams with great rhythm and flow, funk and dance vibes and really goddamn heavy stuff. Por ejemplo: Girl Talk tracks from “Feed the Animals”, Atheist “Water”, eyehategod “New Orleans is the new Vietnam”, Melvins “Hooch”, Prince “Erotic City”, MJ “Don’t Stop til You Get Enough”, High on Fire “Turk”

Best Derby moment:

Choreographing and performing my first league’s pre-Christmas-bout musical number—what a riot! And I love those instances when I was able to explain a skating technique to newbies/fellow players and enable an ‘ah-ha’ moment—sometimes even having my own breakthrough as well. I like when, in derby and life, we all take turns being teachers and students…and court jesters.