How did you come up with your Ref name/what does it mean: Kamikaaskop is a portmanteau of Kamikaze and Kaaskop: Kaaskop means Cheesehead in Dutch, and refers to people from my hometown, Alkmaar, tradecentre of cheese. Kamikaze because I’m not always as agile as I wish I would be… Since kami means divine or spirit in Japanese, my name would translate into Divine Cheesehead!

How did you end up being a Roller Derby Ref/what do you like about Roller Derby/why should everyone be a Zebra: My wife introduced me to roller derby and from jam one I was sold // Everything except off skates practice // Because you meet really cool people, are involved in a fast and challenging sport, get to travel a lot, meet really cool people, meet really cool people, …

Your favorite rule: Rule 0: Don’t be an asshole

If you had the chance to create or change one rule what would it be: 5.5.6 – Extended touching (lasting three seconds or more) with the forearms or hands to an opponent’s legal and/or illegal target zone — I mean, come one, roller derby is a contact sport!

Future Zebra dreams (e.g. bouts you’d like to ref): A full officials crew, an extensive network of officials in Central and Eastern Europe, and reffing Vienna Roller Derby vs Texas Rollergirls