Name and number: Bitch Buchannon #87

Favorite position: Once upon a time I thought I will be a jammer but then I experienced the beauty of blocking. Since then there is no way back! BLOCKER!

What’s your speciality: Being loud and low and quick and crazy and of course bitchy.

How did you pick your Derby name: It all started with a little girl’s first favorite song called „Looking for Freedom“. Waiting in front of the TV she always watched a show called „Wurlitzer“ hoping that they would play this one song just for her. The obsession continued with countless episodes of Knight Rider and Baywatch. The time to face her Derby name destiny finally arrived at a VRD party in Eve the Chief’s lovely flat. A portrait of the beloved idol hanging on the wall in the living room in combination with alcohol and a crazy bunch of girls lead to the inevitable: there has always been only one real option for her…long live the Bitchy!

Derby crush (who inspires you and why): The Love Pack! VRD Coaches! VRD Skaters!

Favorite Bout preparation song: What a question? For a bitch like me it could only be Jimi Jamison’s „I’m always here“. My favorite line which seems to be made for our game:

In us we all have the power

But sometimes it’s so hard to see

That instinct is stronger than reason

But it’s just human nature to me

Best Derby moment: C’mon how could I ever pick one single moment with all this awesomeness happening around VRD all the time?! But yeah, there has been one special moment so far, ask Sabatage (love you!)