Name and Number: Knocktopussy #008
Favorite position: I love both jamming and blocking, so wherever I’m needed
What’s your speciality: Getting the most beautiful bruises on my ass
How did you pick your Derby name: I was going through a heavy James Bond phase and juggling a lot of derby names at the same time, and then one night, I was watching Octopussy, in which the eponymous character is leading a secret order of badass warrior women and come on – that just screams Derby!
Also, being called Pussy for short is kind of funny and I love how it irritates people!
Derby crush (who inspires you and why): My fellow Beasts and the rest of VRD!! I love their energy and how passionate everyone is about the sport!
Favorite Bout preparation song: Teardrop – Massive Attack
Best Derby moment: There are so many – but I guess scrimmaging as Beasts for the first time against the Charter Team has to be one of them – of course we lost but the feeling was great!!