As the first roller derby team founded in Austria we hold a unique position: we are playing a pioneering role in a fresh and exciting new contact sport! Audiences for our season home games have consistently numbered between 100-300 viewers for 5+ years, and VRD’s success as an organization has inspired the formation of 5 new leagues in Austria.  In the last few years VRD has claimed a position among the Top 50 European teams. Given the sport’s unique position as especially empowering for women and people who don’t identify within the gender binary, roller derby is not only a thrilling spectator sport, it is a modern cultural phenomenon. As a partner you can help sustain and drive this pioneering work and support the growth of a fantastic team sport while promoting your brand within a very diverse audience.

We offer tailor-made sponsorship packages and are open to unconventional forms of sports advertising. Traditional forms of sponsorship from logo placement up to onsite advertising are also available. For more information on sponsorship opportunities please contact: sponsoring@viennarollerderby.org

BUSSIS to our proud sponsors: