Wonder Zebra

Wonder Zebra

How did you come up with your Ref name/what does it mean: Boobs.

How did you end up being a Roller Derby Ref/what do you like about Roller Derby/why should everyone be a Zebra: I don’t think everyone should be a zebra – being a perfectionist is a big plus though. I ended up being a ref because I couldn’t be a player and being a ref was the next best thing I could do to contribute to this wonderful sport. Turns out, I like being a ref more than being a player. Enabling the skaters to play their sport in a safe and fair environment is actually very rewarding.

Your favorite rule:  Anything under “no impact / no penalty”. No-calls can be difficult and people don’t necessarily notice them but they make the game more fluid.

If you had the chance to create or change one rule what would it be:  Officials just enforce the rules decided by the players, I don’t really want to change things myself 🙂 This being said, it would be interesting to try variations on the impact spectrum for cutting penalties and consider more no-impact scenarios.

Future Zebra dreams (e.g. bouts you’d like to ref):  Playoffs and champs of course, maybe one day the olympics? Even less likely but at least as much of a dream: the first VRD junior game. I’m also looking very much forward to the day where we can have a full VRD ref crew for our scrimmages.