Vienna Roller Derby will be hosting a route at Fensterl Parade on Saturday. Starting at 14:00, you will see us skate from Diepoldpark through the 17th district to finally arrive at Rathausplatz.
Our exact route and the timeline can be found on the map below. We will be taking breaks at the checkpoints and we are happy for everyone who wants to join in or cheers for us – out of your windows or from the streets 📣📣📣. Due to our fantastic, powerful soundbike which accompanies us, it will be impossible to miss us. If you want to ride with us, we recommend going by bike.

Remember to bring your masks and to keep distance – safety first!

For more information see the facebook event of Fensterl Parade or the page of the Radvokaten.

Pride will be different this year but we will do our share to provide visibility in the city.