Favorite position: Jammer

What’s your speciality:  I’m a tiny dancer.

How did you pick your Derby name: It just came to my mind when I found out about Roller Derby (yes, while watching “Whip It”) and I immediately felt the energy of this sport. I like the powerful sound and being my own feminist version of Betty Boop who can block the shit out of gender roles. Also, I like lipstick.

Derby crush (who inspires you and why): Besides the smart, strong & beautiful VRD, I admire London Rollergirl’s #22 Rogue Runner for her speed – and she motivates me to pump up those muscles.

Favorite Bout preparation song: I have 2: “Psycho” by System Of A Down brings me into beast mode. „Edge of Glory“, screamed by the whole team in the locker room and backed by Lady Gaga, makes me feel the togetherness.

Best Derby moment:  So many! All the moments of derby love, on and off track.