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As part of the This Human World Film Festival taking place in Vienna from 4 til 13 of december, not only one but two Roller Derby related movies will be shown. in case you couldnt come to our screening party earlier this year, on 6th of december you’ll get the chance to see CRAZY DERBY LOVE  again, it will be shown at Topkino at 12.30. Plus on december 9th you can see IN THE TURN at 20.00 at Schikaneder. Mark your calendars – we’ll see you there! For more updates keep checking the  This Human World homepage.

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You might remember that Momente des Sports did a 30 minute radio feature on Roller Derby, which aired on May, 11th on Radio Orange this year. Well, we can proudly annouce that this very feature has been nominated for the austrian radio awards in the category “Information”. We are very proud and thankful to be part of this and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for Momente des Sports to take the award home. The winner will be announced in January, 2015 at the radio award gala and we’ll let you know about the result here. If you want to listen to the feature again, you can do that here and if you want to  read more about the nomination please klick here.

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What an awesome trip up north to Finland. This September, eleven VRD skaters went to Finland for an epic week of bouts, practicing and team building. Our journey started in Helsinki. The Kallio Rolling Rainbows “Kinapori Fistfunkers” were up for some KRReba on and off the track! On those first days we already had some great ups trying to fight against one really big down – an injury of our Crazy Crystalline #12 during the Warm up. We managed to keep our heads up and our butts low but had to accept a result of 100 something to 200 something.

Helsinki Roller Derbys Queen B’s were waiting for us on the next day. Injuries were getting a little less horrifying but improved a lot in style when our very own jammer KNOCKOUT Nora #026 went into actual (Dr. Callie) COLLISION #33 with her teammate. Result: 4 stitches on Knockout, sore face on Collision, no win for VRD. But a fun experience and a well-deserved win for the Queen B´s!

On Day 3 we went up to Turku. After a great sunny time at the beach with a swim and a heartwarming team talk, we had a very promising game behind closed doors against Dirty River Roller Grrrls – Turku Roller Derby. It had to get better and it did. Well yes, we lost big time! But we achieved most of our goals and had so much fun! In the end we lost our heart to the amazing Dirty River team, which was cheering for us “Vienna, Vienna – Gemma, Gemma, Gemma”. A very promising and definitely lifelong connection was built between Turku and Vienna that day!

Inbetween our great bout adventures we spent some time enjoying ourselves with Finlands sights, like hills with trees or hills with holes, relaxing sauna-visits and learning new tricks during the practice with Tampere Roller Derby. Next time we need to play a full-blown bout with them!

On our way to Kouvola we visited the famous ski jump in Lahti and enjoyed a picnic on one of the countless beautiful finish lakes. We filled our energy tanks with VRD Power for our last Bout against Kouvola Rock n Rollers! Increased with our lovely fans from St. Petersburg, the White Night Furies – Roller Derby in Russia our adventurous ride found a very happy ending in a tight and fun game that WE WON!

A BIG THANK YOU to all the amazing Referees, awesome NSOs and the lovely teams Kallio Rolling Rainbows Kinapori Fistfunkers, Helsinki Roller Derbys Queen B’s, Dirty River Roller Grrrls – Turku Roller Derby, Tampere Roller Derby and Kouvola Rock n Rollers for making our Trip to Finland unforgettable. For some pics – go to our gallery.



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On September, 20th the entire Heldenplatz in Vienna will be all about sports. As part of “Tag des Sports” you’ll get the possibility to try 130 different types of sports – for free! And obviously Roller Derby must be part of this, so mark your calenders!


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The 42 days crowdfunding marathon is over and we are more than happy and completely overwhelmed by so much love and support! We’ve not reached 100%, but 105% of our goal! Therefore we want to say – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

So, whats next? Rumours have it that there wont be one, not two but three homebouts in Vienna next year for you to watch. Only you made that possible! We are very much looking forward to that and once we have the exact dates you’ll read about them here. Always Heaps of Derby Love – your much obliged VRD!



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Everyone of who has been to our Kinomontag on monday the 12th and has seen “Derby Crazy Love”, knows now that Roller Derby is simply the best sports there is! Therefore we’d like to give you the chance to try it! On tuesday, August 12th we will have another Recruting Day and here are the facts:

Where: Eisring Süd, Windtenstrasse 2, 1100 Wien

When: 6 pm

How: sign up at recruiting@viennarollerderby.org

Flyer Recruiting Day 20140812

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For the glorious finish of the fulminant crowdfunding mission WHEELED AT HEART Vienna Roller Derby inivites you to a “collect-the-last-missing-bucks-cinema-monday” at the charming brut bar. Besides celebrating the hopefully sucessfull end of the 42 days long donating marathon there will be the exclusive Austrian premiere of the documentary film „Derby Crazy Love” – A smart, fun, sexy ride through an extraordinary subculture. In their film Maya Gallus and Justine Pimlott take viewers into the heart of the emerging roller derby phenomenon, a vibrant DIY community that celebrates sport and feminism. Check the Trailer to get into the mood and our Facebook event to be up to date and read everything about the extra goodies that are waiting for you!

brut Bar

Doors open: 19:30
Screening time: 20:30 (OV in English)

WHAT does the fun cost?
If you already donated for WHEELED AT HEART, its for free
If not: EUR 5 (suggested minimum donation)

Crazy Derby Love

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We have 23 days left until we (hopefully) reached our crowdfundng goal “less rent, mor home bouts” – and in order to do that we need your help!! So check out our campaign on indiegogo to see whats in it for you! We are not taking your money for free – there are a lot of awesome perks waiting for you! And in the meantime you can enjoy this:

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Less rent, more bouts! Vienna Roller Derby goes crowdfunding and starts a 42 days fundraising marathon! Our goal is to raise money for one-years rent for Saturday night training at our sports hall. With the money we would save for the rent, we would be able to organize more than one home bout each year, which means more Derby for us and for you. Find out more about what is in it for you at our Indiegogo campaign. Show us some love and we will give you back the finest live derby action, hilarious after parties and fun fun fun, that’s not a promise, that’s a fact! We are grateful for every kind of support, spreading the word is also a big help! Keep checking our Indigogo page for more updates!


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On Saturday June 7th, VRD hosted its first home bout this year and what a day and night that was – no words could descirbe! At 16:30 the doors opened for the audience and VRD was instantly overwhelmed by so much Derby Love, 390 tickets were sold and nearly every seat at Hopsagasse was taken. Half an hour later the spectacle began, our own beloved Fearleaders fired up the audience with their stunning show just before our Rookies deBOUT. Rookies played against Rookies in teams black and white, this was their very first time in front of an audience and rarely have you seen so many proud and radiant faces!

Then it was time for the Pros, VRDs A-Team played against the Roller Derby Metz Club All Stars. In the first half lead change followed after lead change and scores kept being tied. During the second half RDMC really showed what they got and VRD kept fighting til the end but the game ended at 122:162 for RDMC. Nonetheless VRD had a great day with challenging competitors, the best audience ever and an afterparty that is hard to top! But rumours have it that VRD will be travelling to Metz next year. Find more pics here – we’ll keep updating them so stay tuned!