Name and number: Sabatage #611

Favorite position: I am a blocker, for now.

What’s your speciality: I like to hold the pack together, on and off the track. On the track I stay calm and communicate a lot. Off the track I am a very emotional person, so I try to infect everybody with my passion about Roller Derby.

How did you pick your Derby name: It was my birthday wish that People would suggest derby names for me, then I got this amazing turquois towel from Betti Boom and in big orange letters it had “Sabatage” written on it, and BOOM the decision was made.

Derby crush (who inspires you and why):  I am very inspired by my own amazing teammates and coaches. I especially love the Power of Dr. Callie Collision #33. She is showing me that it’s worth to stay on and working for my goals. Since i met Stefanie Mainey and watched her playing i am totally into her aaahm skills. She is totally inspiring and the real roller derby role model!

Favorite Bout preparation song: I am a-not-into-Music-kind of Person and on top of it I have a really terrible taste in Music. So before I mention any Schlager or 90s Pop Song which would be embarrassing for VRD I would say the best Bout preparation is listening to the Voices of my Teammates or just find a silent spot where i am on my own.

Best Derby moment:  VRD is my chosen Family, being together is what`s Roller Derby is about. Playing with the Team 2014 in Finland was a true game changer for me: Skating together on the track with my Idols Dr. Callie Collision #33 and WarGina #24 and watching their Super-Power was especially motivating me. I played all Bouts 2015, there were so many amazing first times. Realizing what i am capable off in Paris, my first MVP-Award from Stockholm, a bootcamp with “The Mainey”, a bootcamp with Rose City, Practice with Ophelia Melons (Elizabeth Baumwirt), watchin the LRG-Rose City and so much more.