Name and number: Killitmanjaro 5985

Favorite position: Probably blocking on the outside, but I’m still about to find out.

What’s your speciality: So far? Standing in the way of other skaters and taking up a lot of space!

How did you pick your Derby name: During a wild derby-name-brainstorm-session on our first derby boot camp in Dresden dear “Bitchi” found me that name befor she even had chosen her own. I love it, it’s some name to live up to, especially the “Killit” part (of course strictly on the track by all legal means).

Derby crush (who inspires you and why): My dear fellow skaters and of course my wonderful trainers, who I envy and adore for their crazy skills and value highly for coping with my question mark face during drills.

Favorite Bout preparation song: no party without the Deichkinder!

Best Derby moment: being part of this lovely, tough, caring, ambitious, special sports team and of course playing roller derby!