Name and Number: Italian Stallion #28

Favourite position: Both positions are great. I love the rush I get while jamming, I feel like a predator, trusting my instincts and making use of my speed and agility. Being a blocker, everything seems to slow down, I need to focus on becoming a unit with my team.

What is your specialty: Apart from laughing in inappropriate situations, I am surprised about the lack of fear I sometimes have.

How did you pick your derby name: Sabatage came up with it. My Italian surname should explain initial concerns. While doing a little research, 1st thing that came up: A 1970 low-­‐budget erotic film starring Sylvester Stallone. Hmm… I might be able to relate a little more with what came up with the word stallion: balls, speed, strength, defends and protects the herd.

Derby crush (who inspires you and why): If I would ever write a comic about a super hero, it would be about Stefanie Mainey. Of course she would have super powers. She would have the ability to see what is happening around her in super slow motion which makes her foresee and act on every move of he opponent. Yep that would be it.

Favourite bout preparation song: Kid oft he 90s/trashy dance always works.

Best derby moment: Cant be summarized in one moment. The adrenalines and highs I get out of playing derby would be it.