Name and number: Mary deMolition #15

Favorite position: Blocker!

What’s your speciality: Literally kicking ass

How did you pick your Derby name: Mary stands for the soft side in me that want’s to hug and apologise to you every time after Miss deMolition blocked the shit out of you.

Derby crush (who inspires you and why):All the amazing people on my team who inspire me each and every time and make me push myself harder each practice.

Favorite Bout preparation song: I don’t have a favorite one, but I really liked our skate out song for the deBoutantinnen game, which was “Bad Reputation” from Joan Jett.

Best Derby moment: When I was in newbie class, Ophelia Melons (Elizabeth Baumwirt) from Rose City came by for a visit and showed us how to block properly. I immediately fell in love with her skills and knew I wanted to be as good as her one day.